Currently Co-Founder and CTO of Apteo, using machine learning to help people invest smarter.

I have experience in corporate, startup and academic settings creating products to solve problems that generate revenue and growth.

I started into NLP as an undergraduate at the University of South Carolina where I created a search engine for the Moving Images Research Collection (MIRC). I also extended the search engine into 3d space using an Oculus rift that created an immersive search experience.

I then did some work with Columbia University and Dartmouth University on the Media Ecologies project that focused on creating movie annotation pipelines using a taxonomy of terms.

Shortly after I founded a startup with a couple of college friends dubbed “Wandrlust” which focused on creating high quality blogging centralization for travelers. We found out it’s really hard to find product market fit and to vet the “problems” you’re solving very thoroughly.

Most recently I honed industry experience at Red Ventures as a Full Stack engineer working on massive web properties that racked up millions of visitors.